10 Simple Ways To Attract A Modern Man – Get To Know Lady!

How to attract a man

In today’s relationship, looking all glamorous and having a beautiful feminine touch isn’t pleasing enough to make man feel attracted to you.

However, with these simple steps you as a lady can apply to reach a man deeply and make him go wild for you.

Get reading on what men specifically  look out for in a woman

10 Simple Ways To Attract a Man 


How to attract a man


When a woman loves God, she is spiritually, mentally and physically grounded. Moreover, she speaks with love and brings happiness and harmony in every environment she finds herself.

A God fearing woman loves unconditionally and often keeps her man in prayers.

Most men desire the need to have such a woman in their life because she is a treasure.


In addition, it feels great when a woman has a zeal to become successful, a man will go in for a partner who strive to improve and grow a better version of herself.

A woman who has a go-getter spirit and isn’t afraid to climb the mountain to the top is an attractive woman.

When a woman desire to soar higher in any career path she finds herself, naturally she can easily win and attract a man’s heart because such women are supportive and can help build a good home together.


Ladies, you do not  have to be a comedian to be witty. Be lively, after a long day try having some puzzles or games with your man. Men enjoy it when a woman makes them giggle, have fun and be happy.

Most often, a lively woman with a sense of humor tends to be another factor a man will love to hang around with. Such a partner is capable of turning even the dullest moment into a great fun time.

A man will love you more because you are a ray of sunshine and he tend to think of you more when you are absent. Good laughter heals the soul and makes a woman even more attractive.


Intelligence is not measured by whether or not you have a university degree, masters or PhD. It is about thinking smart, creativity, having higher thoughts and been knowledgeable.

When you have a beautiful mind, you inspire growth in others which can make a man fall in love ten thousand more, simply because deep sexual attraction starts in the mind.

Intelligence in a woman is admirable and a man will love to keep such a woman. He need someone he can also learn, gain new insight and life experiences from.


In order to have a happy relationship, your partner needs to ” let you do you “.

A healthy relationship starts when you have a partner who understands you and ever ready to put up with your shortcomings without nagging.

More importantly, if you want a man to love you even harder, don’t always disagree or argue with his life choices instead, be his peace, make him feel welcome, encourage him, be his cheerleader and he will keep you around him forever.


Talking of fashion, you have to know what will look good on you and the choice of colors which make you pop, all these will thoroughly add up to bring out the confident and sexiness in you.

Keep in mind, men love to show off their women and a woman who knows how to create her own unique style will be admired.

Now, if you haven’t been taking your fashion serious then you need a re-think.
Step up your fashion game and switch it up.

Go in for something new, captivating which he hasn’t seen you rock. This will arouse his appetite for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive or trendy fashionable styles. RELATED : How To Build A Joyful And Healthy Relationship


Beauty catches the eye of a man but a woman who portrays a sign of modesty wins the crown. A good woman speaks with wisdom, her words are sweet, edifying and comforting knowing the tone to use when speaking.

When a woman is humble, she is considered to be patience and ever ready to learn from her mistakes. She view her life in an optimistic way which can make them a great partner.

Note, if you want a man to grow wild in love, then have a sense of humility, not only around him but his circles ( friends, family etc.)

True humility isn’t shown around the people we only love but to everyone who crosses path with us.


How to attract a man


Mostly in relationship, men are the biggest spenders but also be kind toward your man as well.

Ladies, with your big or little earnings you can also shower a man with a gift. Do well  to take him out for dinner, shopping or the movies. He will feel appreciated, pampered and loved.

Don’t sit with your hands fold expecting a man to do all the spending all the time. He will get tired and walk out from the relationship.


Truth be told, being beautiful has everything to do with who you are and how you make someone feel.

I have come across few women whose personalities were not as appealing as they look. The truth, I must say.

A good character in a woman is attractive which beat all odds. Be nice to the waiter, and to anyone you meet.. you never know who is watching friend.


Hear me, self care is important. Don’t be messy lady trying to get a man to stay glued in love with you. Good personal hygiene starts right from your head to toe.

Pay a good attention to every details eg. buy few good perfumes, get your hair and nails done.

Definitely, a man can trust his home in your hands once he notice you are well organized.
Be the beauty queen who smells good, looking all neat creates confidence.

Conclusion :

On the good long list :  stay happy !!

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