15 Signs When A Man Secretly Loves You

secretly loves you

Getting to know if a man is actually into you is much easier than a girl.

Moreover, some men are hard to read but the good news is if a guy does 7 or more of the below, hence be rest assured he secretly loves you.

Today, lets look at some of the top signs a guy shows when he has a crush on a girl

1. He Enjoys Your Company

secretly loves you

The honest fact, if you have a man who simply can’t hide his excitement around you, loves to talk or chat with you and spend most of his big time with you, it’s one of the indication he secretly loves you.

2. He Makes a lot Of Eye Contact 

At this point, it’s easy to tell a man is into you especially when you catch him lost in thought with his adoring gaze.

On the next meet up, pretend you are busy texting on the phone or look away, you will catch him staring at you like… ” does girls like her exist ”

3. He Gives You More Attention

He will often be available for you in time of need, quickly reply your messages and offers you his jacket when you are cold.

When a guy overly shows concern about you, it can only mean one thing, he likes you.

4. He Gets Nervous Around You

A good point to note, no matter how confident a guy appear to be, he will surely get nervous when he gets around a girl he adores.

One of the best way to notice if he secretly loves you, is to pay attention to what he does with his body when he’s around you… he might talk super fast and not pause for a breath, he might tell dumb jokes and his hands might shake.

5. He Loves To Touch You

For instance, he touches your arm or shoulders or perhaps go like wow ‘love your earrings or wrist watch ‘and he begins to play with them… pow that’s a huge possibility he likes you.

A guy who likes you will naturally find funny excuses to touch or hold a girl in a nice innocent way.

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6. He Keep His Promises

On the other hand, when a man secretly loves you he will do his possible best to keep his promises.

For example, if he either says – I will be taking nice photos of you or I’m going to pick you up for dinner, be rest assured he will make it a point to meet up his words without failing. He will just love to see you happy and smile all time

7. He Connects With You On Social Platforms 

Girl.. don’t get surprise when you find out he’s following you on twitter or Instagram, he can as well send you a friend request on Facebook.

He wouldn’t hesitate to like all your pictures or every other status you post, in addition he will leave a sweet comment on a few of his favorite.

8. He Keep Details About You

Surprisingly, he will remember every details of what you both discussed, that includes your birthday, favorite colors, food and tv shows.

Definitely, he will remember things about a girl he’s interested in, very important to him.

9. Notice His Friends

Moreover, when you fall in love with someone, the first set of people who get to know is your friends.

Why because ? the person is always on your mind and as a direct result, you talk about him or her to your friends. His friends will tease him when they see you around, sometimes one of his friends will jokily disclose its to you.

10. He Playfully Teases You

Does he behave in a weird manner with you? For instance making silly jokes about how you look, about a word you mistakenly wrote or said etc.

Sometimes in the process, he playfully push or hit you . Guess what, guys do this to connect with you and chances are he likes you.

11. He Wants To Know You Better

During conversation, he tries to ask personal questions in an attempt to get to know you more.

For example, he will ask you personal questions about your family, friends, interests, favorite food etc.

12. He Buys You Gift

Quite obvious, if a man makes you feel like your birthday is everyday, without a doubt he’s into you. He will buy you gifts and take you out on a date.

Some men are not good at displaying emotions and will do this to display their affection.

13. He Smile More Often

A polite smile means love. Getting around a guy who genuinely smile back at you only indicates he secretly loves you.

Whiles you are speaking to him, he will naturally smile, he will even blush.

14. He Flirt With Other Girls To Notice Your Reaction

Funny enough some men will flirt with another girl in your presence.. his reasons ?  just pulling all those dramatic scene to notice your reactions.

In a way, he’s trying to tell you other girls love him.

15. He Tries To Look Good For You

Most importantly, when a man secretly loves a girl, he will improve his way of dressing to impress her.

Right from his haircut down to his clothing or outfit, girl you definitely going to notice a little change. Truth is he wants to impress his future girlfriend.

To sum up

However, some guys aren’t great at communicating their affection when they like a girl.

Others are shy and feel ‘ what if she reject me ?’ As a girl sometimes you need to follow your instinct or gut, that feeling never disappoint.

If a guy is giving you positive signals which shows he’s into you, then chances are “he likes you”

Ladies, if you think this guy will be a great partner, don’t play too hard to get, be responsive !!

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