3 Common Fear – Easy Way To Overcome It

how to overcome fear and anxiety

Most importantly, the sooner you befriend your fear, the faster you can move forward.

There is no magic in overcoming fear, but it can be done especially when you are determined.

3 common fear and how to overcome it :

1. Fear of unknown

Out of 90 percent of people around the globe are afraid of the unknown , also called “Xenophobia” .

Dealing with this an be one difficult task but you can easily break through its by applying this helpful tips

Take charge of your mind 

Our brain makes most of it decisions without bothering to consult with us .

Firstly, understand the cause of your fear :

  • Once you are able to figure out the root cause of the fear, you will find it easier to conquer it.
  • Also, begin to think about what you want to see for instance, happiness, love, connectivity and success.

Secondly, take control of your mind :

  • Start by meditating, this will help you focus on the positives.
  • Find a peaceful place, take a deep breath and visualize every amazing thing you can do.
  • Read inspiring books, documentary etc. concerning other people life story, this will give you refreshing mind.

2. Fear of not being good enough

Even though it’s completely natural to feel like you are not good enough but you shouldn’t be overthinking things.

Celebrate your small successes and keep learning as there’s always room for improvement.

Overcome this fear by kicking out any negative thought and build up your confidence level

  • Stop comparing yourself to others, always remember you are unique, feel happy and be kind to yourself.
  • Having a low self – esteem can cause fear of not being good enough, challenge yourself, practice something new, that’s the beginning of self – confidence.
  • Next, surround yourself with people who appreciate, support and believe in you.

how to overcome fear of not being good enough

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3. Fear of failure

This kind of fear can prevent you from being successful in your career life path if caution isn’t taken.

 Key points: be more positive and set goals

People who are more happier and healthier are considered positive hence they think and look at the bigger picture of life.

  • During hard times and stressful periods you have to stay optimistic and show a good attitude, this will help you push through rough patches.
  • Find your passion and turn it into a career, boldly go where you have never gone, do well not to think about the outcome, as this will generate fear.

how to overcome fear of failure

In conclusion

However in life, definitely you will get disapproved by some people no matter how great of a person you are, those are not your people and their opinion shouldn’t be considered.

In addition, if you want to feel and do better get around positive people.

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