A smile, a treasure, a profound caress

In a world of shadows, where troubles weigh heavy,
A smile emerges, radiant and steady.
With its tender touch, it heals the soul,
Bringing warmth and light to make us whole.

Through stormy nights and days of despair,
A smile can mend wounds, showing it cares.
It carries a magic, both simple and profound,
Turning darkness to light, making joy abound.

Like a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day,
A smile refreshes, driving worries away.
It whispers hope in times of distress,
Embracing our hearts with its soft caress.

When tears fall freely and hearts feel sore,
A smile arrives, an open door.
It holds no judgment, just love and grace,
A soothing balm in life’s tumultuous race.

A smile that can heal, like a medicine divine,
Infusing strength and making spirits shine.
It spreads like wildfire, infectious and true,
From one heart to another, renewing like dew.

So let us cherish this gift we possess,
A smile, a treasure, a profound caress.
For in a single curve, it holds the key,
To heal and unite, setting our spirits free.

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