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Benefits of being single

Majority of people think being single comes with a lot of pressure. Some attributes these to societal requirement and parental stress and also peer influence.

Eight out of ten selected individuals would be in a relationship. Let’s ask ourselves why? Most of our youth are being depressed and being traumatized as a results of relationship demands.

Today, I would like to share with some benefits of being single and how this can improve your life circle.

The 6 benefits of being single  :

1. Time to save more

In our contemporary world, you will all agree with me that money controls almost 90% of our everyday livelihood.

If you are single you have the advantage of acquiring wealth. You would have time spend on yourself and save money as well.

Comparing the expenses of a single person to someone in a relationship, one could identify a vase different in their expenses. A single person turns to spend lesser and in that he or she could have avenues to save and invest. This over time will yield more and more benefits and creates wealth for the single person.

2. You enjoy more of you

Staying single makes you focus on your mental, physical, psychological and social health. As a single person, you would not feel too much financial pressure although you would perform your social responsibilities.

Many people claim that single people do not have any social responsibilities to perform. When you are single you have full control and could always go for therapy sessions and recreation places to relax your body.

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt, but it is often suggested that those that are single have longer to specialize in their health.

3. Time for exploration

Relationships takes a lot of time to build connection, bond, trust among others.
Taking a look at career of any person it revolves on time to attain ones’ career.

Being single gives one the ample time to build deeper relationship and attain your career.

Time if not spent wisely is a waste. Regarding this, if a single person invests his or her time wisely and focus and not rushing into a relationship can invest fully in their bonds with others, friends and family.

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4. You do not owe anyone

You are in full control when you are single. I call this way of living me first. It may sound selfish to others but IT IS THE REALITY.

This is where you need no permission from anyone before you take money, before you step out from home, before you go to the club or even report to any person.

You would only do this with your own free will and capacity. You have all the time but remember to use it judiciously to bring the best in you. Just enjoy being yourself.

5. Build yourself up

What else is special than falling in love with yourself. You can fully discover yourself and develop yourself.

In order for someone to take good care of someone he or she has to get a proper keep of himself or herself.

Men and women are emotionally, psychologically and physically different. Both men and women have to develop self-love in other to take care opposite gender.

6. You have less financial stress

Single people seem to be smarter with money. Being single may mean you’re more communally and financially free.

Financial debt can have an enormous impact on your health including putting you at a better risk for heart attacks, strokes, and high vital sign. So best to stay the strain and debt low.

Conclusion :

There are a lot worth or benefit in being single that folks often overlook, once we should be embracing and appreciating it instead.

When you’re not legally sure to another person ( single ), you’ve got the liberty to find out, grow, and explore.

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