The 10 Best Shoes Every Man Must Own  : Style Essential

fashionable shoes every man must own

Shoes are the most important wardrobe essential in a mans day to day styling tip.

Fellas, adding a few nice must have footwear will of course top up your shoe game.

These 10 shoes I have compiled will make you nail every outfit :


1. The Cap Toe Balmoral Oxfords

6 best men shoe
Oxford Shoe

A good nice pair to have.

Versatile men shoe from office work, weddings, business meetings or any events. The cap toe oxfords shoe is well crafted and of good quality.

With variety of colors, the black cap toe is recommended as it a good match up with for any smart office fit. Also you can pair with a well fitted jean’s for any occasions.


2. Men Loafers

6 best shoes every man must own
Men Loafers

Loafers are made up with either leather or suede material. They pamper your feet and gives a  comfortable feel.

Coming in a variety of designs and color. Loafers can be dress up well with casual and formal outfits.

Quite a big number of men love it and wear them. The brown, darker brown are usually much good looking and gives timeless look.


3. The Classy Sneakers

Sneakers are a good switch up and perfectly fits with any outfit. Easy to pair with casual wear, office wear, fun events, date night etc. You definitely going to love it.

There are so much brilliant brands to choose from, the Capri Castagna, canvas sneakers, adidas Stan smith etc. they all super comfortable, in style and totally worth a try.

The gray, black or white are the best pair as it’s versatile.


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4. The Chelsea Boot

best men shoes
Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are ankle-high boot with a loop of fabric on the back of and of clean appearance.

The good news is,  they complement range of outfits both for formal and casual style. So with either jeans or a suit you great to go.

Chelsea boots has been in style since 1950s and it was called ” paddock boots”


5. The Monkstrap Shoes

monkstrap shoe


Monk straps are smart shoe.

This type of shoe comes in either a double or single strap and a perfect touch for a man. They make your feet standout in any day-to-day wear.

For any modern man, go in for monk strap shoe, style to slim fitting suits. The darker brown, black or brown are mostly best for any outfit.


6. The Chukka Suede Shoe

men best shoes to buy

The chukka is a simple fashionable shoe yet stylish which elevate all looks.

Pair nicely with denim, khaki or chinos, sport coat. Chukka boosts are durable and you should invest in one.


7. The Espadrille

During warm weather, espadrilles shoes are the best option. Wear them with a classy summer men short or well fitted jeans, polo and enjoy your beach day or dance night out.

Today, they’re quite popular so get creative with your fashion style.


8. The  Brogue Shoe


When it comes to men fashionable shoes, brogue is the ultimate. This shoes are stylish smart and also add a timeless interest to any outfit.

Dressing for a smart casual event, work day ? Wear one for a complete perfect touch.

The word  “brogue” is derived from bro, the garlic word for shoe


9. The Sperry Boat shoes

Boat shoes works better when you know what outfit to pair or wear. A shoe designed by Paul Sperry in the 1930s

They simply unique but with how they’re crafted, the boat shoe looks better with summer shorts.

Note that, you can’t wear them with socks or just any office outfit unless you will want to appear funny.


10. Men Sandals

Keeping your feet cool during summer months is probably one of the best things to do. Just so you know, sandals for men are yeah also.

First, know when and where to wear them. Going for the beach or pool ? Planning to walk through the garden? Or perhaps shopping day ? Sandals are super easy to wear plus it comes with so much comfort.

Make your go-to-go shoes rest and try a pair of sandals. A perfect outfit goes together with good footwear.


Images : Pexels and Pinterest


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