Bolt Driver Scams Teacher Kwadwo

Teacher Kwadwo


Former United ShowBiz co-host Teacher Kwadwo has been scammed by a bolt driver.

Teacher Kwadwo

The Tv show host and teacher has in recent times been active on social media over has sack from education sector by the Ghana Education Service.

In a recent post made by the then primary school teacher, he indicated that a bolt rider whom he picked from Amasaman a town in the Ga-West municipality to Osu has intentionally increased the fare of his ride.

The initial fare for the trip which he stated was 45.00 was increased to about 92.00 by the driver. according to him, after they had arrived at his destination the trip didn’t end on his phone as it was supposed to. In approaching the driver who’s name is known on the App as Kofi, the driver told him there was service a problem with the network and that he had already ended the ride. Waiting for about 30 minutes he realized the trip was still on so he decided to restart his phone  but noticed it was still the same.

The social media activist said he later realized that he had left his laptop in the ride upon trying to reach the driver, he rejected his call and immediately blocked him.

Teacher Kwadwo took to social media to appeal with users to aid him retrieve his money and laptop back.  He also gave out the number of the rider to be 0503356841.

He pleaded that anyone with information of the whereabout of the driver should reach him on his social media handles.


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