12 Definite Signs He’s Playing Mind Games With You

definite signs hes plying mind games with you

I want to start off by saying relationships are a game for some men. They make you fall in love, then crash the love phase  down.

Do you feel the guy you love is playing games with you ? Or perhaps want to find out? Below are the definite signs he’s just playing mind games with you :

1. This Guy Doesn’t Show Interest In Your Life

He may have asked you the fundamental questions for example,  ‘what you love most’ or ‘what makes you happy ‘ but however this gentleman you love doesn’t have a clue of what activities you like or the sort of motion pictures you appreciate, he simply doesn’t blend in with it and does the opposite.

If he loves you enough, he will remember the littlest thing about you. He simply care less about you and in to play games with your feelings.


definite signs hes playing mind games with you

On another note, you both have been dating for a couple of months but he actually haven’t even bothered to introduce you to his circle of friends. He most likely says he will do that later yet never truly does.

In a situation : you both are out together and suddenly, he meet a friend only for him to just hi without not introducing you as a ” girlfriend” — that’s weird, don’t you agree ? This should tell you he’s just playing mind games and isn’t serious about the relationship.

3. You Don’t Know Details About Him

A good guy will consistently invite the chance to open up to a lady he really focuses on. Nonetheless, assuming this person is reluctant while addressing your inquiries, there’s some kind of problem with that situation.

At the early stage of relationship, it quite okay to be mysterious but not many dates.  If you have effectively been hanging out for quite a while presently yet you actually don’t have a clue about the smallest insights regarding him. This is a sign he doesn’t need you to be profoundly associated with him.

He may not additionally need you in his life and possibly considers you to be somebody he can replace when another person comes along.

4. This Guy Doesn’t Fulfil Promises

This person will reveal to you anything to take care of business. He may even vow to do anything for you.
Right after, you’ve invested time, effort and everything with him, he reveals or give a hint that he isn’t prepared for a relationship. Recollect that talk is cheap!

His activities are disclosing to you that he’s messing around with your feelings!

5. He Simply Doesn’t Care

definite signs hes playing mind games

Know better that, it take two individuals to make a relationship work well. Well, girl let me tell you something, if a guy likes you he will often want to have a conversation with you either through call or text. It no big deal for him!

Attention, is a good way to show affection to someone you love. If you’re the one doing all the work, while all he does is to give excuse for not calling / texting then there is no reason to stay in love.

Brush the feelings off!

6. The Gut Feeling Never lies

Pay attention to your instinct, it never lies.

On the slightest chance that you feel he’s not healthy for you, then, at that point pay attention on it and leave quick!

Keep in mind, a guy seeking after something genuine with you, would show you the right amount of love so you both can create sweet memories together. Do your possible best not to allow him to mess around with your feelings.

7. He Knows How To Play With Your Feelings

definite signs hes plying mind games with you

Him : hi baby ” do you love me ? You : “yes I do”. Then he either smiles without saying a word or reply with “Okay”. Have you asked yourself why should it be so hard for a guy who claim to love you to say ” I love you too” ?  He simply feels nothing special for you, perhaps he’s just in for the fun.

In addition, he sometimes flirt with other young girls just to see you broken and crying so he can feel he has authority over you.

Take care of business, he is clearly playing a big mind games with you, as these circumstances show him how much force he applies over you without getting a response from you.

It’s tragic to hear that some girls are going through this sort of manipulative relationships because on the grounds nobody should toy up with your feelings.

8. Always Want To Be The Centre Of Attention

Sound, serious relationships should be a delight for both of you, not a game to be played. In the event that you love somebody, there’s no spot for being egotistical, as you can’t ponder yourself.

All he does is to discuss about himself, his issues and issues and he doesn’t pay attention to yours. Likewise, he just does what fulfills him, which implies he is absolutely playing with you.

Truly you don’t need to be seeing someone who only think highly of himself.

9. This Guy Shows You No Respect

Love comes with respect! if he loves you, he will show you respect. The toxic man,
will not regard your requirement for time, your needs and what makes you happy.

For instance, you can tell him movie date is 7pm and he will come show up at 9pm without no apology or regrets and this can go on several different occasion.

He doesn’t respect you. Move away from him! Get to know WHAT HAPPY COUPLES DO 

10. He Has Eyes For Other Women

Most men are naturally programmed to see beauty in ladies. It turns into an issue when you notice he is continually gazing at different ladies, discover random text on his telephone, or notice him flirting with bunch of ladies.

He may guarantee they’re simply friends, however a few men have a more profound thought process. It’s basically disrespectful in a committed relationship to have heaps of ladies on your dance card.
Note, he’s playing mind games with you and probably might be cheating.

11. Always Play The Victim Card

The person that sends you on a guilt episode is the unacceptable man for you. He will maneuver everything toward into being your fault.

Numerous ladies fall to this in a relationship since they need to keep the man, and they are confident that things will change. They probably won’t understand they’re being controlled.

Ordinarily this guy will appear to be compassionate and afterward leisurely uncover his actual thought processes. Such men always begin showing you through feelings that they’re hurt or sad you harmed them.

12. You’re No Longer His Sweet Girl

definite signs hes playing mind games with you

He never asks you out any longer. Each time you request that he go out with you, he either has many reasons or essentially says he would not like to in light of the fact that he has different plans regardless of whether you had it arranged previously.

Moreover, he  acts the big man and doesn’t answer your calls or reply your text. Alert, young lady, he is playing a mind game with you.

Some of the time he changes your arrangements last moment and flees without saying a word. As far as I might be concerned, that raises a warning that possibly he’s seeing another young lady or he just lost any interest he had in you. Regardless, there’s no way around it, so let him go, text your friends and have some young lady time to brighten you up.

Final Words

Like I said, a real good man will love and respect without playing mind games.  So, do you still want to keep dancing to his tune ? A decision you’ve to make honey.

Remember, you deserve someone sweet, kind, awesome and better!!

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