Entangled With Love From Afar

love afar

In the vast expanse that separates our souls ,Love’s tendrils reach, weaving intricate folds.

Though distance may separate, our hearts entwined,Bound by a love that transcends space and time.

Across the miles, our love finds a way,Through whispers carried on the winds that sway.

With each passing day, our longing grows,But love’s flame burns brighter, it surely shows.

Through screens and letters, our words take flight, Conveying the depth of emotions so right.

Though we can’t touch, we feel the warmth within, A love that defies boundaries, ready to begin.

Our hearts become messengers, sending love’s embrace ,Closing the distance, erasing any trace.

In the silence of night, we share the same sky, Gazing at the stars, love’s eternal tie. Through virtual moments, we create our own space, Building memories, filling the empty place.

Technology becomes a bridge, a lifeline, Connecting our souls, making distance benign.

With each virtual touch, we kindle the fire,Keeping love’s flame ablaze, never to tire.

Though our bodies may be apart, hearts are near, Entangled with love, dispelling every fear.And as we yearn for the day we’ll be side by side, The distance becomes a test, a bumpy ride.

But love’s strength is unwavering, it holds strong,In the face of distance, we still belong.

For love knows no boundaries, it conquers all,With patience and faith, we will stand tall.And when the day comes, our worlds collide,The distance will vanish, our love intensified.

So let us cherish the moments we share, Knowing that love’s connection is always there.

For in the entanglement of love from afar, We find solace, strength, and who we truly are.

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