Everything You Need to Know About Wednesday Season Two

wednesday season two

And Wednesday is drawing near. Season 2 will bring a new addition to the Addams Family.

In a video released as part of Netflix’s Tudum fan event in June 2023, series star Jenna Ortega and co-stars Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, and Joy Sunday explore fan theories about the upcoming season 2.

wednesday season two

The second season introduces new members of the Addams Family.

Doohan was quick to clarify that the stars “don’t know who” will be joining them. Ortega put in a vote for Cousin Itt, while Doohan and Sunday agreed that Grandmama could be a good choice.

Other theories mentioned were that the shapeshifting Principal Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie) is still alive (and, specifically, disguising herself as Lurch), that another character may have picked up season-one villain Crackstone’s ring and inherited his powers, and that Wednesday may now be in control of the Hyde’s powers.

Netflix has not made an official announcement about the cast for season two, but given their appearance in this latest video announcement, it seems safe to say Doohan, Myers, and Sunday will return, along with Ortega.

What’s in the second season of ‘Wednesday’?

courtesy Netflix

The creators of the series have promised that the series will have many compelling stories to explore.

Wednesday and Morticia’s relationship is also integral to the series, and the idea of ​​Wednesday trying to find her own way outside of her family is important.

When will Season 2 be on Netflix?

The hectic production schedule for the show’s first season (it took about a year from filming to delivery) and the fact that star Ortega was such a sought-after talent that he had to juggle other projects “Wednesday” to return in 2024. A second season was immediately confirmed.

It depicts her going through life as a student. and take control of her nascent psychic powers to solve a mysterious murder on campus.

 It was incredible to be able to create a show that touched people all over the world.

I just want to jump into another season and explore it first.” The horribly spooky world of Nevermore. Just need to make sure Wednesday doesn’t empty the pool first. ” 

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