10 Fashion Style Women Love To See On Men

Fashion Style Women Love To See On Men- men fashion

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If you will agree with me, almost every lady love what looks good.

Therefore, your fashion style should be everything this days so looking stylist good is important as in keeping up with your beard guys.

I bet ! These key inform will be gold for impressing any ideal lady.

Look no further than reading the below men fashion items you can rock :

1. Men Stylish Footwear

Perhaps, you wondering why “Footwear” because your feet must be captivating.

Right from your footwear, ladies can quickly tell the kind of man you’re before you approach.

However, there are many beautiful designs and great leader to choose from as this plays a part. For instance, right from sneakers, suede or mirror shoes are often well best for any social activities.

Bring out your hot shoe game on ! Ladies love it but most importantly, they make you look timeless and classic any day.

2. Well-Fitted Suits / Trouser

In today’s men fashion world, well-fitted suits and trouser (jeans) are wardrobe essentials as they can be worn to any day to day occasion.

Moreover, they can make every man look smart, hot and give a long-lasting attractive impression.

Baggy Jeans are still a trend for others but they mostly aren’t stylish (especially for men). Buy the one which fits well and isn’t too big or too tight.

3. Men Stylish  Shorts

men stylish shorts, fashion style women love to see men wear

Oh my goodness !!

Men fashion shorts are uniquely stylish and plays a good role in looking attractive as a gent. With beach or party activities you can rock one.

As classic as they come right from patterns and colors you can never go wrong adding few to your wardrobe, for  example (chinos or summer shorts)

They are best paired with tee shirts and sneakers or sandals. Ladies do love seeing those masculine veins legs in shorts and with a smile you can totally feel your effort is well appreciated.

4. Cashmere Sweaters

clothes women love to see on me
Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters comes in many beautiful colors and neck shapes For example, ( round or V-necks ).

Moreover, they don’t give you sweaty feel as they are made with wool and often very light-weighted and best matches up with Jeans.

Guys, wearing this will totally give you a graceful, soft classic look and with a touch of hotness.

In research studies, 60% of women get attracted to men who wear sweaters. As a result, a lady will love to hang around you more.

5. The Pink or Baby Blue Shirt

how to dress well for a woman
Polo Ralph shirt

I do know most men own a couple of long or short sleeve shirts.

The question is, do you have the color pink or baby blue?

Well, these colors should be considered as well, it’s beautiful and gives a refreshing beautiful look.

Men, somehow pink or sea blue shirts along side with a pair of trousers or shorts gives a positive, happy energy. Remember to add one or two to your fits.

6. Good Perfume Smell

I love perfumes.

I asked most ladies and they told me same. Happy ?

That is to say, a nice perfume smell will however complete your attire look. Smelling good is important as women love nice scent on a man.  In addition, it can boosts your confidence.

A good fragrance shouldn’t be an option but a necessity.

7. Turtle Neck Tops

men date night outfit idea
Turtle Neck

Oh, another solid fit.

These are trendy fits for both men and women, but I will say turtle neck tops looks much better on most men.

Generally, you can wear this fit with a coat top, suit or just with your trouser jeans and can be taken to the office, dinner dates etc.

They often come in soft comfortable cotton materials which makes it best for any day weather.

8. The Sunglass

Furthermore, the dark sunglasses aren’t bad but guys, do you see those transparent or clear glasses.. exactly!! They’re mostly catchy and ladies love them on men.

After you done looking dapper, add a sunglass and notice the difference. You soon going to be a fan, I promise.

9. Wrist Watch

On the other hand, when it comes to men fashion, wrist watches can add a good touch to outfit.

If you never know,  ladies pay attention to every details when they set eyes on you.

Reason ? I can’t answer for all but perhaps I can say I will love to know your style or choice of clothes

Make your wrist appealing and awesome by wearing one. This could either be any brand or design but make sure it bests look good on you.

10. Good Leather Belts

Lastly, this fashion item is required to complete an outfit. Black and brown belts are the ideal date paddies for most men.

The trouble comes in matching it up the shoe and going in for the good choice ( leather )

Pick a good design crown ( hook ) as all this will sum up into looking good.


Above all, always make sure you backed up with a confidence and also good breath.

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