7 Fashion Styling Mistakes Women Should Avoid

fashion styling mistakes women should avoid

Every woman have different fashion character and how they will love to style up themselves. However, fashion is a language, it communicates and present you to the world.

When it comes to styling, you just have to get creative and never stop learning because that’s the only way you can stand out.

Ladies, show your feminine personality and make it worth a stare.

Here are the seven most common styling/ fashion mistakes every woman should avoid.

Tip 1. Wearing Wrong Clothing Size

Clothing size plays a major role in looking and getting well dressed. Wearing too tight or loose outfits isn’t the best choice and it should be avoided.

In creating good fashion style, its advisable to shop the perfect size, which is your rightful clothing size. This will make you feel comfortable.

Tip 2. Use Of Accessories

fashion styling mistakes women should avoid

Most out of many women love accessories, that’s is : necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. A simple and chic accessories will do good to your fashion style.
Wearing too many accessories or not having none on can make your clothing style look boring / flat.

The next time you stepping out, simply add a necklace or bracelets to your look.

Tip 3. Showing Too Much Skin

The golden fashion rule is, if you showing skin on the top, cover up at the button / vice versa. This will make your style timeless.

For example, you can wear a off shoulder top with a full covered skater skirt / a split midi skirt with a nice tee shirt.

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Tip 4. Inappropriate Shoes

Shoes is a serious business when it comes to looking fashionable. You should know the shoes that fits well for the coffee shop, office , for a part and perhaps for sports activity.

Comfortable shoe is a must but make sure you pair with the right outfit or occasion.

Tip 5. Too Much / Bad Makeup

fashion styling mistakes women should avoid

In this modern times, makeup is a trend and gives a glow touch to women’s look.

To look your best, choose the right foundation blend and apply the right balance of it. Avoid over doing the eyebrow, using different colors of eyeshadow and keep your makeup simple yet breathtaking.

Tip 6. Wrong Blend Of Colors

Wearing two different colors or blending it up is okay to enhance your fashion look.

Colors are beautiful and gets people attention yet some women fails to understand the right colors that make them pop or dull their appearance.

Choose colors which are minimal and not too wild and avoid doing 3 or more colors on one outfit especially if you’re bad in color combinations.

Tip 7. Pattern Clothing’s

Appropriate way to wear pattern clothes

Clothing’s with patterns such as dotted, floral or stripes should be paired with plain clothes.

Wearing prints on prints will only make you look funny and you will definitely get people laughing, unless perhaps you’re a comedian.

So keep it dapper, wear pattern blouse on plain pattern skirts/trouser or vice versa.

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