Find Out What Men Find Attractive In Women : 10 Personalities

men find attractive

Today let’s talk about the surprise traits men find attractive in women.

Is often said that beauty is skin deep, but we can’t deny the fact that a good physical appearance does play a huge significant role in our overall attractiveness. But what exactly do men find super attractive in women? What are the unexpected things women do that attracts men ?

Fortunately, here is a good insights gathered for a read :



men find attractive

#1 Finding The Good Humor Vibe

According to the majority of men, they love it when a woman makes them laugh and even find it more sexy when she’s the happy-go-girl type.

I do hope you’ve experience this in your life. You meet someone and in your record he or she is only average level when it comes to physical attractiveness but as time passes by, boom you feel super attracted to the person. Or you find someone good looking but those attributes decimated the second you got around him or her.

Life can sometimes be full of unexciting events and finding that fun vibe balance in a woman is all a man will want in a relationship. At the end, it about finding happiness.

#2 The Miss Independent Behavior

In the year 2008, one of favorite RnB singer Ne-yo released a beautiful tune ” Miss Independent ” you should listen or perhaps, google for the lyrics.

It’s no secret men love to show off their women to friends and definitely not any woman. Well, a few male friends told me it kind of boost their ego. Men seem to also love it when women can manage their life without always needing them for a support.

While men do like women to depend on them for certain things, in recent studies have shown that men find independent women attractive.

#3 The Girl with Confidence

This goes both ways – both men and women find it appealing when you someone they admire show a confidence behavior.

A confident woman know her self-worth and feels good about herself. Confidence is rooted in an attitude of “believe in yourself”

A man will find it a huge turn-on when a woman is ready to join him so they can enjoy adventures and trips together. These activities can include hiking, golfing, mountain climbing and any other outdoor event. Even if you don’t know how to do any of these, you can give it a try.

#4 Be Supportive To Him

Showing support to a man indicates you care. Men love the feeling of having a woman around who sees the effort he embarks on and appreciate him for the man he is and for the goal he wants to pursue.

If you can be that woman, he’ll naturally feel attracted to you and be yours forever. This aura will make you stand out from the other women.

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If you would agree with me, men are visual beings, they love to a beautiful woman. So, it time to twist and turn.

#5 Embracing Your Unique Beauty

Most women are gifted at creating beauty everywhere around them and men do like it. Wearing nice jewelry, creating the perfect outfits, splash of perfumes and getting makeup done, all of these unique skills are super attractive to men.

Dress well, smile, be sensual, and flirt! Men love to see that side of a woman. This will come more naturally for some women than others, but we all have that flirty, feminine side within us, so tap into it as much as you can.

Being feminine and sensual really comes down to being comfortable in your own skin, so do whatever you can to get to that place.



#6 Pretty Nails x Hair

Ladies, it time to create a little sweet magic with your hair, nails and also try new styles. Most often, the hair is the first thing men notice on a woman especially if it’s looks healthy, shiny and well styled.

In addition, the perfect pretty nails, Men say they do like it a lot! ( especially when they are long with a art and some men also prefer polished natural nails )

#7 The Lip Gloss x The Color Red

Lip gloss is a turn on for men! It might be strange but when a woman walks in a room with lip gloss on a man heart smiles. Why ? Because she instantly look radiant which sends an arrow of seduction.

Now let’s talk about the color red ( clothes or red lip ) and the reason men find it attractive on women. The color red is attention grabbing, with passion and desire which arouses men but recent  studies have proven otherwise. It is not about sexual arousal, men just like the color red, and they can’t just ignore a woman wearing red.



men find attractive

#8 Playing With Kids

Another great form of attractiveness which works both for men and women. Seeing someone playing with children, taking care of them, and playing the nanny role practically install a blushing love feeling in the brain.

A lot of men find the motherly behavior attractive, it signals them of a healthy mother for their unborn children.

#9 The Act Of Seduction

Generally, this means the ability of being creative with everything around you. For example, decorating home, taking old things and making them look new, singing, playing guitar, dancing or simply do what best you can – all these skills are refreshing and extremely attractive to men

#10 Cooking

Of course! It’s still a thing and the old saying that “the road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach” is still alive.

Men do find it attractive when women can cook really good foods for them. Cooking is a sign of passion, and men love to be cared for.

To sum up, the mystery has unfolded. What do men find attractive in women? Everything that reminds them of how beautiful, caring and different you are.

So, ladies,  if you are taking your chances, adopt some of these tips, and see the magic you can bring on the table.

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