The 2022 Gorgeous Handbags For All Women

best gorgeous 2021 handbags

Handbags complete every outfit.

Bags and wallet makes traveling, shopping and going for dinner much easier.

With each season passing by, they pop up with different designs and shapes which makes the picking options quite overwhelming.

Over here, there’s a break down to the key collection of fashionable gorgeous handbags you should add to your wardrobe.

The Bowling Bag

2021 best ladies handbag

The everyday bag as many call it. Usually stylish, come in medium-sized, different shapes, colors and has mini component to fit in all your essentials: tissues, lip balm, sanitizers, wallet, charger etc.

With it short straps, the bowling hand bag is a lady-like bag and looks more work appropriate.

The Fanny Pack

collection pf fashionable ladies handbag

The fanny pack or belt handbags accessorize well when paired with everyday denim pieces. They’re stylish, comes with many designs, colors. You can wear them on the waist or as a cross bag. They’re perfect for running errands, shopping or travelling as they’re comfortably and lighter to carry.

The Classy Clutch

gorgeous handbags for all women

Clutches are sleek and simply elegant handbags. Dressing up for a special event, party or dinner date ? Spend a day with clutch, it’s worth it.

You can decide to hold it in hand or carry on the shoulder.

The Barrel Handbag

trendy classy handbags for all women

The barrel handbags is for all sophisticated women. It’s meant to be carried on one shoulder or may also be clutched in the hand.

Shopping women, this handbag hit the sweet spot between being an everyday simple handbag and for looking stylish.

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The Rattan /Woven Handbag

best quality handbags for all women

One of my favorite handbag ever.

Basically, they’re made of straw or cane and woven which makes it lighter to carry.

This handbag is chic and looks more appropriate for summer.
Start a collection which features shapes and styles for every outfit. Also, they’ve much bigger sizes for beach getaway.

The Hobo Handbag

best all purpose handbag for ladies

Hobo are shoulder style bags. The shape makes it both formal, casual and ensures comfort for those carrying bulky items though they aren’t too wide.

Such bags has a soft feeling, comes in classic color,  and best for all beautiful women. They make everything well packed for the go.

The Top Handle Bag

classy women handbag
Jimmy Choo

The top handle handbag is considered iconic.  If you are bored with your regular totes and shoulder bags, pick up the top handle bag.

They’re versatile, easy to carry, this accessory is appealing due to it unique design. Such bags gives you a beautiful appearance.

The Quilted Handbag

cute ladies handbag

Quilted bags are timeless bag, and good item to invest in with it pleasing design.

Remember to go in for the best quality. They add style to your day-to-day look and makes everything perfect.

Micro Mini Handbag

ladies party handbags

As the name micro mini bags comes in very small size just like wallet.

Mostly useful for an evening out or an after-work event where you don’t have to carry much essentials.

The Leather Bucket Handbag

leather handbags

Bucket bag are comfortable to carry yet very fashionable. Prada have some fancy and elegant color looking bucket bag.

They have quite enough space to hold your phone, cards, cash plus you can either carry it on the wrist or the shoulders.

Which of the above is your favourite ? Do you plan to add any to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section.

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