8 Great Ways To Challenge Yourself Now

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Right here, we will like to discuss on how one can challenge him/herself or how you can perform better and sparkle anyday.

There’s a well-known quote that can make you want to try new things.

Of course, since we can all want to improve, this could also mean that if you don’t change yourself, you can’t be the one to change your life.

Your life will never improve if you stay in your comfort zone. It’s good for us to have a healthy amount of normal stress in our lives, after all. To see what we can do, we have to go over our own challenge limits and do things that go against them.

“You learn something valuable from all of the significant events and people, but you never touch your true potential until you challenge yourself to go beyond imposed limitations” Roy T. Bennett

1. Learn another language

French, Chinese, Spanish, and more are just some of the languages you can learn as you try to improve your own skills and grow as a person. Isn’t it great if you learn something new? You can even use it to make extra money as a tutor and make some extra money.

2. Find out what you’re afraid of, and do it

As a sales person who is scared to talk with people in person or on the phone, you have a problem.


Now, instead of being paralyzed by fear and thinking you’ll fail, spend at least five minutes a day picking up the phone and making a call to a prospect. Yes, it is. Yes, you might make a fool of yourself. Someone might hang up on you. But don’t give up on the first try! You’ll get the hang of it at some point. Soon, you can look fear in the eye and say, “Go on. I’m not scared. You can go.”

3. Challenge Yourself  “You Do You”

For a long time, my actions were mostly based on what I thought other people thought about me. Because I was afraid of being judged, I never did the things I wanted to do in life. It turns out that people don’t care about what other people do because they have their own problems to deal with.


This realization was like taking a huge weight off my back, and I felt more free than ever.

4. Try new things

how to challenge yourslef

My job was the only thing that made me feel good about myself until three years ago, when I decided to leave my job. Soon after, I started to think that I wasn’t good enough. It was a rough year for me, and I learned how unfair I had been to myself.


In order to challenges myself and boost my self-esteem, I started spending more time with people who knew me and loved me more often. Take up new hobbies and learn more about things you enjoy to build your confidence back up one step at a time. If you run your own business and have people who love you no matter what, then you know how important it is to never put your self-esteem in one thing.

5. Take time to talk to people

how to challenge yourself

It might be hard for you if you’re an introvert, but we believe in you. You can do this! Challenge yourself,  Make time for your friends and leave the house. Try making a short phone call instead. If you want to have lunch with old friends, make plans and don’t let them down.


Building good relationships with your friends and family has been scientifically proven to make any problem seem and feel easier to deal with.

Set aside time to get away from your desk. You want it. Remember the walks you took around the neighborhood or to get away from work? Invite a coworker or ask your friend to come over and go for out for a movie. Work out every day, not just when you have nothing else to do.


The best time is to connect with people on Facebook not just click on a picture. Make an effort to get to know the new people who work at your place of business. Grab lunch or a drink with them and find out more about them. Getting a new job isn’t fun, but you could be a welcome distraction when they’re lost and looking for the bathroom.

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6. Take a class

Do not link your job to this hobby; you should be able to relax and de-stress while you are at it. Many people do things like cooking and sewing, as well as painting and graphic design online.

A class for your hobby could also help you make money if you learn how to sell it. ( It helps if you take the class with a friend. This way, you get to bond, make more money, and push yourself all at the same time.

7. For a happy life, only self-love is the answer

It was only when I stopped hating myself that the world looked very different to me in every way possible. When I learned to forgive myself for making mistakes, I realized that I wasn’t the person who did the wrong thing, but a person who learned.


I learned to let myself off the hook because that’s how I am. When I remove people who aren’t good for me from my life, I feel good about myself because I put my own happiness first. When you love yourself, you can change how you see the world.

8. Get a little creative

One of the best ways to open your mind and to set a challenge for yourself is to make art. When did you last sit down and draw something? Not with the kids, but for yourself? It’s likely been a long time. If you can’t draw, there are adult coloring books and books that teach art, as well as videos on YouTube that show how to do just about anything.


Drawing has a lot of health benefits for the mind, like making your brain work better. After all, it can help us remember things in the future. More than that, being creative through art helps solve problems.

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