How to Approach and Win Your Dream Girl

win a girl

Many or more men don’t find it easy approaching a lady especially if she appears extremely beautiful or got some mean face look on yet that shouldn’t stop you from trying your luck.

However, there is nothing impossible if you do your homework well.

How to approach and win a girl?

Simply apply this useful information and get amazing results:

win a girl


If you can agree with me, some men get timid when they come around a cute girl.

If you want to woo your dream girl heart be confident enough to approach her, don’t come too strong, be naturally bold in your speech and let her know exactly how you feel about her. That’s so simple to do right ? Nevertheless, make no mistake about getting shy.

Most girls always feel secured around confident guys, if you want to win her heart and make her yours forever. Be bold


Appearance and breath counts in here. Ideally, you should look simple and smart. Getting a nice hair cut and a well trimmed beard shouldn’t be too much work for you if you want her to keep glancing, then just do that.

Pay close attention to your shoe, nails, belt and as well as your shirt. Girls love it when a man appears neat and oh don’t forget to use a good perfume smell, 90% of girls will be blushing right in front of you. You should read this, 10 Dressing Rules For Men – The Tips To Know

Perhaps, if you are lucky you will get her saying ” i like your perfume ” good luck !


Some modern men mistakenly believe its much easier to win a girl when they brag, that’s very wrong and i must say a childish thing to start with. Only kids brag, real men don’t brag !

Bragging about your achievement to a girl is one silly act, believe me. You can’t afford looking stupid and losing her to another man.

A mature girl will never go out with a braggart, why because ? Most of them are arrogant, very irritating and they are often just cheap talkers with no action or nothing better to offer. Only low self-esteem guys do brag.


How to approach and win a girls heart is actually simple guys, with a good sense of humor will keep winning the beautiful girls.
Most modern lady’s enjoy the ” funny kind of guy ” company. Yes, you can be nice without being boring .

In order to win the heart of your dream girl get off your comfort zone and be exciting or playful.

Being funny, isn’t about acting like a clown , be creative enough to say a simple short joke during a conversation, she will appreciate it for making her smile. If you aren’t good enough at telling a joke, that’s fine, be you but don’t be boring.


Figuring out what to say to impress a girl, will only result in lies. Everyone hate lies.

In approaching and winning a girl, be unique and real in your dealing, mention your real name, age, school to her. Do not go claiming what you don’t have to her. Girls are very smart, she will surely do background checks .

A gentleman who often speaks the truth is considered more attractive than a guy who lie  no need to impress a girl especially when everything you saying isn’t even true.


To approach and win a girl a heart know that long talks are boring to girls , especially during a first chat.

Don’t keep asking her so many questions about her personal life. Example , how old is she ? her family and so on..  she will found you annoying or so demanding.

Instead be brief and friendly in your approach. Probably, you should just ask of her name only.

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Almost every girl loves it when a guy compliment them. A good sincere compliment makes a girl heart melt, especially when done in front of others.

Gentleman, honest compliment only ! A girl is tired of hearing ” you are beautiful, you are every guy dream ” .

As a guy you need to figure out something unique to say , which will make her feel special and blush, example ” you are intelligent , I love your smile ,I love how you speak etc. Don’t over do it’s, she will think you are a flirt.


You can never win the race, if you are a quitter. Don’t be a loser and give up on her quickly.

As a man , you are suppose to pursue a woman yet only do so with a girl who is also interested but playing hard to get.

Some girls prefer a guy who will work a little harder, they believe a boy who truly
loves and interested shouldn’t give up easily.

Your dream girl could be one , don’t pressure her but keep going until she says ” yes “.


Build a good friendship with her , most great love relationship starts with friendship.
This relationship will help you get to know her better as in ” her likes and dislikes “.

Take her out to her favorite places , surprise and make her feel protected . Sometimes, love appear in the most unexpected places  don’t keep her as a friend for long , make your intention known to her after some few weeks.


Respect always come along with love.
Be a gentleman and show her respect if indeed you are in love.

Believe me a girl will forever prefer a well mannered guy.

Even if she doesn’t want you, be nice to her, maybe later in some weeks , months she will change her mind . Don’t be rude , you can lose the opportunity.

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