How To Choose Your Friendship Circle : 10 EASY TIPS

How do you choose a friend ? What are some of the qualities of good friend ?

Living a life with no friends is a boring one but yet your circle defines who you truly are.

However, every friendship you make with people can have a major impact and influence on your life success hence this connection can either elevate you or take you down.

For a long-term personal life growth, it’s quite important to choose your circle of friendship wisely. Below are some TIPS in doing so :

(1) Choose an ambitious friend


On a good note, a person with a strong desire and determination to succeed in life is more luckily to influence his or her circles.

Coming in contact with such friend can help you stay focus in life which can help take your career goal to a higher level. In addition, he she is a go-getter who can encourage and serve as an inspiration for growth.

Connect more with such people.

(2) Choose a positive friendship


One way or the other, sometimes we all feel our dream or goal is too big for us to accomplish which brings in negativity and make us lack confidence in ourselves.

It is very important to always have someone positive in your life who can keep your hopes on and remind you of how possible your dreams can be.

These type of friends naturally uplift people around them.

(3) Choose Mind-Like friendship


Most importantly, being surrounded with friends who share similar idea and interest can make life more lively.

As a result, you both enjoy a lot of activities together for example, music, designing, writing etc. and you know best this can help you all learn something new from each other

Do your best to stay away from friends who often discourage or disapprove your ideas.

(4) Choose a smart friend


Intelligence doesn’t necessary mean someone is wise or smart.

Isn’t life all about growth and staying knowledgeable with every destination we land ourselves to? hence, its refreshing having a friend who is filled with new great ideas, useful information and also do well in recommending a good book.

Disconnect yourself from anyone who always sound “silly “as he or she will only make you feel unworthy.

(5) Choose a fearless friend


On more serious note, if you don’t take risk you cannot accomplish anything in life. The friend who is fearless knows success stories comes with a risk.

Surround yourself with someone who is brave enough to take a bold step with you.

Don’t move with someone who always show an attitude of ” fear ” and wouldn’t risk anything.

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(6) Choose a supportive friendship 


how to choose your friendship circle

Regardless of how flexible and better your life is, you certainly need a support team.

A supportive friend is a person who will never abandon you during tough day’s, he or she will help you get through it !

If most of your friend’s only come around when things are moving well, it’s time to make a change.

First thing first, if you need one, then be one as well.

(7) Choose a sincere friend


We are all guilty of one or two lies but a person who often lie can never be trusted one. In order to build a successful life which will yield more benefit, its best to go in for an honest person.

In your day to day life, choose a friend base on their values and good sincere character.

(8) Choose friends who will stay happy with your success


Above all, take time to analyze your friendship relationship with people.

A best true friend is someone who will celebrate and stay happy with every milestone or success you accomplish. He or she will be genuinely be excited because your win story is his or hers as well.

(9) Choose ” friendship” who can comply with your weakness

That is to say, we humans and can never be perfect even if we try hard to.

Every one has an area they easily fall short to, do you know your weakness ? I know mine, I dislike ironing clothes – It quite a big work for me, but I will do better soon.

With the right connection of friends, ooh!! they can be tolerant knowing very well you not at your best with certain activities for example, washing your plate right after eating.

(10) Choose a friend which gives good advice


Friends can serve as a good life counselor as well but it all depends on you. Pick a friend who can correct, advice and offer you the best solutions to your problem.

Moreover, sometimes you will need a person ( friendship ) to share ideas with before taking certain decisions in life.

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