How To Gain Natural Healthy Weight Quickly

How To Gain Natural Healthy Weight Quickly

Looking forward to gain natural healthy weight quickly ?

According to science study’s, individuals who are naturally quite small in size are mostly having higher metabolism.

However, you can actually increase in weight but it’s very important to do it right.

This article outlines a simple healthy foods and tips that can quickly help you gain weight

Step 1. Eat Plenty Carb-foods


Moreover, one of the first foods people avoid when trying to lose weight is carbohydrate foods. Thus, add them to your diet.

Eating healthy carbs-foods is one of the steps of gaining weight

Firstly, let’s look at few of the Carbohydrate foods which are healthy for weight gain

  • Potatoes : Foods made up with potatoes are one of the very best when it comes to weight gain above all they’re very nutritious and healthy. Prepare more of potatoes dishes and include them on your diet plan.
  • Oats meal : Oats are whole grain foods which is also a great source of many minerals and vitamins. Therefore, start and end your day with oat meal food.
  • Pasta: In addition, the key is to choose carbohydrates foods which are nutritious yet healthy. Consuming pasta meals can help you gain weight.

Step 2. Eat Protein Foods


On the other hand, a nutritionist says “eating more healthy protein foods can help in weight gain and also build up and  strengthen muscles”.

List of good protein foods :

  • Eggs : They’re healthy and excellent source of protein. Egg dishes aids in healthy weight gain.
  • Lean beef : Meanwhile, lean beef are high in protein, excellent amount of nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12. Enjoy steaks and watch how your body size transforms.
  • Real nut butters : For example, peanut or almonds butter are packed up magnesium, vitamin E and fiber. Natural butters are rich in protein and healthy fats, making it a great choice for weight gain. Spread on a slice of bread !

Step 3. Add smoothies or shake to your diet


Moreover, smoothies are healthy shakes made up with fruits, yogurt, nuts and milk. Smoothies or shakes are very good for people who want to gain healthy weight.

Below is a list of few delicious varieties you can try at home :

  • Avocado and banana : Combine together banana, scoop of nut butter, avocado pear and natural yoghurt.
  • Strawberry and vanilla : Add cup of frozen berries, Greek yogurt and vanilla protein powder. Blend it up.
  • Pineapple and coconut : One pineapple, coconut cream and natural yoghurt. All smoothies should be served chilled.

You can read more about smoothies making here Best Smoothie Recipes You Should Try

Step 4. Lift Weight / Exercise

Most importantly, eating right and lifting weights can improve your strengths and increase muscles gain.

Include exercise to your daily activities, sign up at the gym and make it a habit to train and lift weights 4 – 5 times per week.

I best believe your gym instructor can help you with key exercises tips which will be best for you.


To sum up, gaining weight can be a little difficult or challenging for some people but do your possible best to stay consistent.

Additionally, having a regular meal is important for stimulating appetite and helping you consume enough calories which can equally assist you in gaining weight.

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