How To Identify Genuine Love and Fake Love : 15 Proven Tips

However, people do ask ” How can I differentiate between a genuine love and fake love?”, “how does real love and fake love feels like ?”

Everyone want a person in their life who will happily show them real and honest love. Getting connected with someone who appreciate and effortly matches up with your energy or vibe  is everything.

Either in friendship or romantic relationship, the below steps are the answers : 



Tip 1. Genuine love empowers – Fake love discourages

In a relationship, a partner who genuinely loves you will get involve in your life goals.

He or she will serve as a mentor or influencer in the little or big way they can for instance, help you get the job or contract etc. ( From preparation of your curriculum vitae and offering words of encouragement )

On the other hand, fake love does the opposite and never show any sign of support in everything you do hence making you feel disappointed. Clearly, a fake lover is a waste of time !!

Tip 2 genuine love shows cares – Fake love is selfish

Real love offers you with so much care, kindness and mostly available when you need him or her. Dealing with a true love is a life full of happiness.

Meanwhile, fake love do the excuses all the time and will only do sacrifices which are profitable or beneficial to him or her.

Tip 3. Genuine shows humility – Fake love is always proud

In a natural fact, in a day or two people in love do argue and offend each other which is quite healthy. Real love will embrace it mistake and go ahead to render an apology.

When the love is fake, it often shows a sign of arrogance and will never admit their wrong deeds.

Tip 4. Genuine is a giver – Fake love is stingy

Moreover, being a giver isn’t revolve around ” money” only. Genuine love is all about offering a good amount of kindness, time, attention and sweet gifts on the table.

As a result, beautiful love you feel at whole with a touch of joy.

Fake love is often mean, heartless and stingy with the little things needed to share with you.

Tip 5.  Genuine love fulfil it promises – Fake love gives excuses

More importantly, going by your own words in a relationship is a huge turn on for many. When the love feels right, your partner will often make it a habit to deliver his or her promises.

Perhaps, even if it should escape them, they will find a pleasant way to make it happen. Genuine love promises what it can offer.

On the next flip fake love, all it does is to come up with a reason attach with no regrets and at the end leaving you stranded and empty.


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Tip 6. Genuine love Trust  – Fake love has doubts

How to identify real love and fake love

In spite of everything,  a genuine love will strongly believe in you and wouldn’t judge  your weakness or flaws. Gradually you feel at peace in the heart.

Fake love will question your inability and will always need a total assurance or prove before they can believe in you.

Tip 7. Genuine love celebrates you – Fake love shows a sign of jealousy

Every little or big milestone you achieve in life will be celebrated by a real lover. The new pet you bought ? the scholarship you gained ? the job you had ? Will be joyfully celebrated.

When the love isn’t genuine , your partner will automatically pretend they got a bad headache or perhaps act uninterested. Funny right ? but it does happen !!

Tip 8. Genuine love comes with respect – Fake love shows a sign of disrespect

To clarify, love alone can’t create the magic spice and make a partner feel loved up. Genuine love wouldn’t go out there flirting with other people, talk down on you or try to physically and emotionally abuse you.

Tip 9. Genuine love fruit is sweet – Fake love is pain

That is to say, you can tremendous show your partner true love to brighten up his or her mood which wouldn’t cost you a single dollar. When the love vibes feels right, you can attest of healthy happy mood.

No one wants to look stupid or feel uncomfortable but its rather heartbreaking fake love can embrace you with a sharp pierce of pain.

Tip 10. Genuine love creates security – Fake love brings anxiety

A person who experience a genuine touch of love have some kind of boldness feelings in the relationship.

Fake love on the bad record will arouse a feeling of unease and stress, why ? because the love you are offered isn’t authentic.

Tip 11. Genuine love is honest – Fake love is full of pot holes

Telling few petty lies isn’t a big deal. The problem is when you consistently do it over and over again with no sign of regret. No one enjoys being lied to!

A genuine lover is the person who feeds his or her partner with the truth and ever ready to learn and grow from the past mistakes.


Tip 12. Genuine love is healthy – Fake love is toxic

Furthermore, a real love comes along with a serenity which injects a joyful feeling into your soul.

In most cases, a fake love is so full of unnecessary arguments and drama, which will gradually destroy your good feeling and add up negativity emotions.


Tip 13. Real love offers you patience – Fake love is impatience

Truly, when someone is in love he or she will be tolerant and ever prepared to take the baby steps with you.

In addition, your partner forgives your mistakes, shows understanding and knowing very well you human with imperfection.

Fake love will never be available to nurture you in becoming a better person but quickly demand a change of attitude.


Tip 14. Real love is peaceful – Fake love feels empty

Ever visited the beach ? The serene atmosphere, cool refreshing breeze which instantly gives you some relief, yes ! Likewise, That’s how it feels with genuine love.

Hi ! Ever seen a beautiful item you wish to grab but you checked the price tag and realize, there’s no way you can afford that or perhaps you had not enough cash ?

Fake love feels the same, rides you on a highway and at the end crushes you into pieces.

Tip 15. Real love adds value –  Fake love disregard you

How to identify real love and fake love

Lastly, a simple “thank you” , ” I appreciate your love”, ” I admire your effort ” can go a long way in a romantic relationship.

This will make your partner feel welcomed without having a second thought.

Everyone loves and enjoy when he or she effort is recognized and applauded for. The little things matters a lot and will forever brighten up someone’s day.

To sum up, don’t be a bully !! Always show a character of gratification.

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