How To Live A Meaningful & Enjoyable Life – 12 Tips

Living a life full of happiness is much more attractive than emptiness.

Wealth, fame and position do not guarantee a meaningful and enjoyable life but being able to live out our life purpose and contribute to others.

On the first step, remember a meaningful life isn’t about doing everything but it’s about doing what is most important.

Which steps can you take to live a meaningful and enjoyable life ?

Below are the 12 helpful tips which I believe can assist you to achieve a fulfilled life.


1. Discover Your Purpose In Life

Firstly, I believe God created each and everyone of us for a particular life purpose.

Everyone has a destiny which need to be fulfilled, to find it,  you need to connect with the creator.

2. Pursue Your Passion

Life is worth living when you follow your true passion and work on something you enjoy or love doing.

Let your passion inspire the world hence its will create joy inside you and give your life an ultimate meaning. Do you know your passion can serve as a living as well ? Work on it, be an expert and make money from its.

3. Stay Focus

Start by writing down your top most important things you want in life. Instead of doing multi tasks, set one meaningful goal, make a very little progress and place all of your energy on it.

Make sure you go in for a goal you are passionate about as this will help you work hard and do well.

4. Be Vigilant

Moreover, remain mindful of yourself and your actions and do not allow harsh or negative comment from others discourage you from enjoying the beauty of life.

Live your life according to your principles and work towards the future. At the end of the day, take time to evaluate the positive and negative actions you have done and strive to change on the bad notes.

5. Eliminate Fear

Furthermore, having fear can hinder you from achieving an enjoyable life. However, to knock down fear, you need to erase all negative thoughts and emotion and also do well to challenge yourself to be a risk taker and you good to go.

Next, stay in with positive thought and note to yourself ” I’m the best and I can do this “

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6. Embrace Your Mistakes

Interestingly, mistakes are part of life lessons which will shape you to become a better person. Instead of criticizing yourself and living a life of resentful, let it’s go and be happy.

7. Forgive Easily

Obviously, life is more lively when we learn how to forgive people who hurt us, I do know is not quite easy but it is very necessary if you truly want to have a good happy life.

Be willing to forgive anyone who wronged you.

8. Be Ambitious

Most importantly, there’s always room for everyone to be successful. Don’t limit yourself, challenge yourself to try greater things and lastly, aim for higher heights. Success brings a meaningful and enjoyable life.

9. Set Daily Goals

Firstly in the morning, before you start the day, create a list of 3 goals that you find fulfilling and meaningful.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. In addition, include hobbies ( valley ball, karaoke etc. ) to your daily life routine.

10. Trust In God

Another great point to note, before you go to bed after your day to day activities do dedicate your life and your career journey in the hands of your creator.

Spending time with God helps you know him more and understand his good will for your life.

11. Help Someone In Need

Moreover, there is more blessing in giving, even with the little money, you still can be generous and bless people.

Today, locate someone and help or support them. This can be done by visiting the hospitals, orphanage home or helping someone get a job etc. By cultivating more of these and making someone smile hence you will also feel fulfilled.

12. Don’t Compare Your Life With Anyone

Lastly, nobody’s life is perfect. Sometimes you may think your life is a mess yet upon hearing someone’s else story,  you realize yours is way better. Remembered ? I believe you did.

Stop saying bad things about yourself, love and appreciate yourself, keep competing with yourself and focus more on being the best version you can ever be.

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