10 Tips On How To Treat Your Girlfriend – Make Her Happy

how to treat your girlfriend with love and respect

In order to create a great relationship filled with love, respect and happiness, one must show a handful of positive affection to their girlfriend. Here are the 10 tips every man should keep at heart

1. Don’t flirt with other girls

It’s perfect okay to have female friends but your relationship should always be respected. Perhaps, you may think flirting is all fun but I don’t think you will happy if she does the same.

Let’s face it, you practically did everything in your power to win her heart, you wouldn’t want your flirt-partners teasing and ruining the relationship you both built together.

2. Respect Her

How do you understand respect ? Respect is the act of exhibiting a positive attitude towards someone, making them feel extra special. This can be expressed vocally or through text.

One of the best way to show respect to your girlfriend is to create a good bond with her, value the unique companion you both share and treat her like you did on the first date.

3. Communicate with her

Avoid sitting ideal and letting your girl put in more effort to maintain the relationship.

Communication is everything in a relationship, especially for a girl. Make sure she knows every details about what’s going on in your life, ask her what she will love to do this weekend, what’s bothering you etc.

Additionally, be a good listener when she’s sharing something with you.

4. Don’t be over protective

Respect her decisions, for this reason trust and respect her principles.

Your girlfriend should be free to do anything good that pleases or makes her happy.

Avoid forcing her to do things your own way because this act is abusive.

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5. Compliment her

how to treat your girlfriend

The simple things matters.

Women love it when you tell them ‘ you look beautiful, I love your hair, have the best day ‘ etc. That feeling is unforgettable.

When you compliment her, it shows that you pay attention and care. This act should be done privately and publicly, You will  notice how big and brighten her smiles will pop up.

6. Keep the love spark alive

Most out of few women get bored with same fun routines,  be creative and add new hobbies or things-to-do. This will help light up the relationship.

Just because you’ve been together for a while doesn’t mean the romantic relationship should fizzle out—when it does, it can make a woman feel insecure about the relationship.

Add new fun activities, karaoke night date, pick and act or stand up comedy date. Believe me, she will love it

7. Remember important date

What are important dates ? Birthdays, milestones in the relationship, your first kiss. She will love it, feel impressed if you do remember such important dates.

It will make the relationship bond more blissful.

8. Often say ‘ I love you’

Do you remember the first date ? Or when you first got together ? You told her ‘ I love you’ so now there’s nothing wrong keeping up same energy.

Sometimes that’s all she wants to hear, the reassurance of your love for her. This will make her feel special all over again.

Let get done, make it a habit to tell her you love her. It that simple right ?

9. Be Honest with Her

Not being truthful to your girlfriend is an indication that you do not care about her feelings. You also do not think of her as someone worthy of your attention.

How do you avoid this ? When there’s an error in the relationship address it. Do not take her love for granted. If you feel you need a quit or break away from the relationship, go ahead and let her know.

She might feel hurt but eventually end up appreciating the truth.

10. Get her gifts

One of things that can make a girl happy is by giving her a gift, no matter how small or big it’s she will know you think about her.

It shouldn’t only have to be special occasions or dates. Surprise her with favorites : perfumes, flowers,  chocolates, book etc.

Come on man, show her you love and respect her.

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