In The Depths of My Soul, i Find Solace


In the depths of my soul, where solace resides,
I seek refuge in words, where my spirit abides.
Poetry, my companion, in moments of despair,
With every verse, it mends my heart’s wear and tear.

In ink and paper, my emotions find release,
A symphony of thoughts, a sweet inner peace.
Each line a brushstroke, painting my inner world,
Capturing the essence of a soul that’s unfurled.

When darkness descends, and shadows grow long,
I turn to my verses, where I always belong.
For poetry knows not the boundaries of time,
It transcends the ordinary, in rhythm and rhyme.

In nature’s embrace, I find solace and grace,
The whispering winds, the sun’s warm embrace.
Through poetic verses, I wander and roam,
In fields of imagery, I find a place to call home.

Amidst the chaos and noise of life’s endless race,
Poetry becomes my sanctuary, my sacred space.
With each word crafted, my burdens are shed,
And I find solace in the verses that I’ve bled.

Through metaphors and similes, I transcend,
To realms of beauty, where my heart finds mend.
In the solace of poetry, my soul takes flight,
A melody of words, bringing peace in the night.

So I pour my emotions onto the page,
In poetic lines, I find solace and engage.
For within those verses, a healing balm resides,
And my solace poetry becomes my guide.

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