In the face of love, I find my glow

In the face of love’s tender gaze,
My heart flutters in a joyous daze.
Its gentle touch, a warm embrace,
Leads me to a blissful, sacred place.

Yet, uncertainty casts its shadow,
As I ponder the path I must follow.
For love’s allure is sweet and true,
But the fear of vulnerability ensues.

Should I surrender to its grace,
Embrace the journey, the unknown space?
Or should I guard my heart with care,
To shield it from love’s captivating snare?

Oftentimes, the heart knows not the way,
Caught in the dance of night and day.
In the depths of doubt, I seek my plea,
To decipher what this love means to me.

For saying no may shield from pain,
But what wonders could love’s “yes” attain?
To open my soul, to take the chance,
To waltz with love’s divine romance.

So as I stand at love’s crossroad,
With emotions stirred and ready to explode,
I seek the courage to take a chance,
To embrace love’s dance in a tender trance.

For love’s whispers in the gentle breeze,
Encouraging me to let my heart be at ease.
In the face of love, I find my glow,
And with a resounding “yes,” I let love grow.

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