Insults Have An Impact On Us We Are Also Human.- StoneBwoy Acknowledges.

Stonebwoy, a dancehall artist, has expressed his dissatisfaction with how certain Ghanaians use social media to drag entertainers, expecting them to appear strong and subjected to mental suffering just because they are superstars.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, the ‘Sobolo’ hitmaker said that while most of his followers are constructive in their comments, certain fans of other bands would always try to bring others into the digital domain unnecessarily.

He claims that some social media users take things too personally, attacking the troll instead of generalizing his or her comments and turning them into constructive feedback that benefits all parties involved.

The idea that celebrities should become accustomed to insults and trolls should be eliminated, according to Stonebwoy, because they may have a mental impact on them because they are human and easily shattered.

“Generally, we should understand that these things affect people a lot; they are not something we are supposed to be used to,” he stated during the interview. “It is not natural to be used to insults; people would say you are an artiste, therefore you should be used to insults, but come on, we are humans.”

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