10 Key Reasons Your Mr. Right Might Be Mr. Wrong

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Love is a beautiful thing.

Although, love alone isn’t enough to make couples happy.

Wondering if the man you adore might be Mr. Wrong Or Mr. Right ?

If you’re looking to build and maintain a happy, healthy relationship, you should be aware that it takes more than just love.

1. Mr. Wrong man doesn’t show  respect

Love comes with respect.

If Mr. Right truly loves you, he will show appreciation by offering you with positive attitude and giving you an extra special treat at any given time.

Respect should be the first key to look out for in a man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

2. Your man might be Mr.wrong if he  doesn’t show you care

In most early stages of relationship , some men intend to show much ‘ care ‘ but once your man stops showing care, do question yourself if you did him wrong or not, ask him as well.

At the end if nothing seems to change for the best, its time to have a second thought about him.

3. He might be Mr. wrong man when often nagging

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Perhaps, when issues get heated up, you both  argue.

Once in a lifetime everyone deserve the right to do or go anywhere they please. If your man constantly complains about any little thing you do, It clearly shows he doesn’t adore you and prefers giving a negative energy which isn’t healthy.

4. Can be Mr. Wrong man if he frequently cheat

A good man never cheats, even when he does he will apologize.

If a man repeatedly cheat on his spouse, even after promising he won’t, chances are a ring vow ( marriage ) won’t force him to break that pattern. Toxin relationships shouldn’t be tolerated.

5. Mr. Wrong man often tells  lies

Everyone is guilty of small lies, there is always one or two reasons for that, yet how many times have you caught your man in some type of lie ?

A man who can’t be honest , can’t be trusted, if he can lie about petty things what show his love towards you is genuine ?


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6. Can be Mr.wrong if he doesn’t empower you

Moreover, love is when your man support you, help you to grow, build your life, encourage and love to see you succeed in every area of your life.

He doesn’t even care if you end up richer than him, yes that’s Mr. right keep him but if he does the opposite be wise.

7. He doesn’t appreciation you

When a man loves you, he doesn’t struggle to say ‘ thank you ‘ after you have shown him love and support.

Showing appreciation gives positive energy. If your man often feels proud and doesn’t show appreciation, chances are he doesn’t really love and adore you.

8. He has zero parental qualities

Does he posses the quality of a good father ? One of the main things you should look for in your man is, if he can be a good example to your future children or kids.

If he gives you major reasons to doubt his inability he’s probably not the right guy.

9. Mr. Wrong man doesn’t value your opinion

Spend time with people who are good and value you, he needs to respect your opinion and feelings but if he does the opposite then he doesn’t deserve you.

Mr. Wrong will talk down at any idea you bring up and make you feel inferior with zero apology.

10. Mr. Wrong man  doesn’t discuss about the future

Romantic love doesn’t always grow into a commitment. If a man won’t discuss about sharing a future with you then the only reason will be  ‘ He may not see a future with you ‘.

In addition, if he often acts like you’re a bother or problem, after you made a point to talk about the future, just clearly understand he isn’t Mr. right.

Every man is different. Focus on finding love, respect and happiness.


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