Lady Explains Popular Dubai Porta Potty-VIDEO

Social media over the week has been on fire after video of a lady was seen having an intercourse with a dog in Lekki a city in Nigeria. Many social media users have taken to their handles to condemn the act and also talk about it.

The video has created lots of noise on social media and some users have descended on social media celebrities for the same reason.

According to social media users, the incident seen in a video at Lekki over the week is no new thing in Dubai where it is popular termed porta potty. Some social media users have made claims that this is what some self acclaimed social media celebrities do when they travel to Dubai in other to be able to live and maintain their lavish lifestyle portrayed on social media.

One TikTok user identified as Chennifar took time to explain what “Porta Potty” means in a video sighted by InspirePlug. In the video, she explained that porta potty is actually portable putty.

She went on to explain that, it is an act where some rich Arab men pay some Instagram models to sleep with animals and also eat the sh*t of these rich men.

The conversation on Twitter has been immense and is still ongoing.


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