10 Styling Secret Of Classy and Elegant Women

styling secrets of all classy women

To feel beautiful and have a classy look, it’s important to study and know what suits you best.

From a circle of fashionable women in my life, I learned about color blend and how well to make an outfit timeless.

In a good time, I will love to share with you the best styling secrets of all classy women.

1. Have a Versatile Handbag

secret tips of classy women

Finding the perfect handbag can be challenge. You will want something which is easy to carry, but yet still in a beautiful design brand, color and of a good leather.

However, the handbag which can complement most of your outfits and match up any occasion should be the ultimate. In addition, have two or more handbags as this will also switch up your day to day fit

2. Know What Looks Good On You

All body types are uniquely beautiful. Therefore, paying key guide to your body type and the right style which will fit best, can save you lot of stress.

Find different fabrics and don’t be afraid to something new for your body.

3. Less Is Better

Note, you can look elegant with the appropriate choice of outfit.

Looking hotter is knowing what to wear and the strategy to rock it. Keep in mind to show off just a little skin, perhaps the thigh or neckline will do. Don’t over do it  !

4. Colorful or Plain Scarfs

In today’s fashion world, scarfs are the new trend and incredibly beautiful.

Scarfs can be used around the neck or tied around handbags to add a touch of elegant. The feeling of using this item is blissful

5. God hygiene & Skin care

Practice having a good health and skin care routine. This implies getting your nails done, washing the hair and masking up the face with exfoliating products.

Most classy women invest in taking good care of their skin. Often times, having a clear, clean skin gives you youthful confident look.

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6. Print on the top / Plain on the button

Another great option to apply. Balance your bottom and top very well, this will create a pleasant elegant look.

One example is, if you wearing a blouse designed with prints or dotted, pair with plain pants or skirts. This will make your attire look for day more pleasant.

7. The right Undergarment

Know what you wearing and the appropriate undergarments which will fit just right.  You wouldn’t want the wrong bra or panty ruining all the effort.

An outfit for the day should perfectly match up with the right undergarments ( color choice & shape )

8. Turtle Neck

turtle neck top for women

Turtle necks tops got a way of making woman look classy chic. Very easy to style and match up with any outfits ( skater skirts, Jean’s, pants )

Fun enough, they’re so comfortable and great for layering with a jacket or blazer.

9. Style Your Hair

Say a no to a bad hair day.

A woman with a well styled hair appears more presentable. Adding a little effort and taking care of the hair can perform a lot of magic to your look.

10. Jewelry

You know very well we can’t close the day without including accessory. Wearing well designed bracelet, earrings, necklace, watches will make you look a lot hotter and classy.

Have in mind to have just two or three on and they must compliment each other.

For example, if you going in for gold jewelry, just use that. Don’t mix it up with silver designed earrings.


A good smell of a lady is unforgettable. Wear some perfume and have a clean less make up done.

See you on the next topic…. byeeeee

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