Six Students Die Instantly As Driver Runs Into Them.

Six pupils were killed by the recklessness of a private vehicle driver in Ankaase, a village in the Krachi West Municipality in the Oti Region.

According to, authorities verified that the pupils perished on the scene when the motorist slammed into them on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

According to the source, the single student who survived the collision is currently in critical condition at a hospital.

The Krachie West Assembly’s Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Kajal Jalula, confirmed this, saying the youngsters were returning from school when the tragedy occurred.
He explained, “They were halfway home when the incident occurred.”

The driver, who is presently in police custody, was in town planning for his late brother’s burial, according to the MCE.

According to the story, the driver was on his way to the morgue when his automobile collided with the youngsters.

The police investigation into the accident has commenced.

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