10 Things Men Should Know Before Marriage

things a man should know before marriage

Before marriage everything needs preparation. Therefore, as a single man looking forward to have a successful marriage, you need to do a background check, have a good study, undertake a research and have a positive habit before you say ” I do”

Marriage is an important institution so you have to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared.

Therefore, in order not to have unsuccessfully marriage and live unhappily in your home hence preparation for marriage is very crucial.

Today let us have a look at these ten (10) effective steps every man should learn and practice before walking into marriage.

1. Have A Good Relationship With God

Being a Christian does not necessarily guarantee a happy and successful marriage.

Understanding and applying the principles of marriage will save you a lot of stress.

First, you need to have a good personal relationship with God and develop a life of prayer. When God is at the center of your marriage you can confidently trust to have a solid and happy marriage.

2. Before Marriage, Be A Good Leader

A leader sets a good example. Be ready to accommodate another person faults, weakness and all their problems.

Demonstrate a good character, be confident and have patience enough to listen and offer help to your spouse.

Marriage is not for the fainthearted, be a problem solver, seek and find the right answers before jumping into conclusion. However, it is advisable to choose a wife able to solve issues as they say ‘‘a problem shared is a problem halved’’

3. Before marriage, Study The Nature Of Women

Every woman is different, but there are few habits that are common among them, which a good man on a journey to get married must know.

Gentleman, learning about few traits about women before marrying one will put you in a positive position to handle your future wife.

Study about how to please a woman, what every woman desire in marriage, their changes during pregnancy and after child-birth, how they behave during menstruation, their needs and how to meet them and the love language of women etc. Majority of women enjoy being taken care of, save yourself and study.

4. Be A Loyal Man

Honesty is a major key all women seek in a man. Being loyal isn’t just about being a “one-woman man.” You need to be faithful in every aspect of your marriage.

At the beginning of the relationship, be transparent and open to your wife to be, loyalty can either make or break your marriage, don’t sugar coat things to look good this could damage a good relationship.

In order to have a firm, flourish and trustworthy marriage, practice honesty.
Once she notice you’re faithful, she will always trust you.

5. Give Her Self-confidence

The dream of every woman is to get a husband who will give her a better living standard, peace, love and a home full of happiness.

Therefore, before marriage, make sure you’re stable and strive for secured future.

Giving a woman assurance in a relationship isn’t about what you tell her but what you demonstrate, having deep roots means you’re reliable, dependable and you will bear good fruits.

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6. Marry The Woman You 100% Love

Get clever and marry the woman you fully love, this will save  you from living unhappy marriage and regrets. Marriage is a very long journey without an end.

Before marriage, make no mistake in choosing the wrong partner, pick the one you fully want to enjoy life with, in that way you can have a wonderful sweet marriage.

7. Be Ready To Adjust To Your New Environment

Key points to note, do remember the marriage chronicles will be different from  your dating stage, which can be a little challenging.

Spending time with family and friends will be limited as your new home ( family )
will want more attention.

Unfortunately, marriage comes with a new household rules and you have to obey it. Therefore discuss with your future spouse on how your home should run, this will prevent future argument.

8. Be A Responsible Man

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Marriage is an organization that requires great effort.

As a single man getting ready to tie the knot, be ready to provide emotional and physical assistance to your spouse.

Firstly, don’t rush into getting married without learning how to take up responsibility. What’s the guarantee you can take care of another human ?

Hence, be marital knowledgeable so your partner can be handled with care.

9.Before Marriage,  Make Good Use Of Your Time

Moreover, single man life is a great opportunity to improve on yourself.

Think and visualize your goals or dreams, acquire more skills as this will secure the future of your upcoming family.

On the other hand, you can start working on your weakness, negative traits or unhelpful feelings, this will help stabilize your relationship. Make good use of this time to work on your personal growth.

10. Be A Positive and fun Person

Get ready to take your partner out on movie date, beach etc. and be mentally prepared to be her photographer, women love to capture moments. In the dating stage, perhaps you already do one or more which is brilliant.

However, these beautiful gestures shouldn’t end when you say ” I do”. Ladies love to enjoy fun vibes with their spouse.

To ensure you live an enjoyable marriage lifetime, have a good sense of humor and be lively.

Many men walk into the room of marriage without preparations which result in chaotic circumstances. Keep learning to enhance your mental state to grow.

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