10 Things You Should Never Do In New Relationship

Things not to do in new relationship

The beginning of any new relationship is usually full of passion, fun and attraction for the boyfriend or girlfriend material you seeing.

However,  if you’re in the early stage of getting to know somebody, there are ways to avoid disappointment and stress should things don’t go well like you planned.

Well, in today’s article we are going to educate you on the things you have to avoid in a new relationship

Things not to do in new relationship

1. Being Too Available / Clingy

In the early relationship, you would want to shower your partner with physical or verbal affection as much as you can.

Feeling that way is so natural because you’re excited but it’s important that such affection should only be shown when the relationships bond gets stronger or grows.

Additionally, don’t always be the first person doing all of the planning, texting and reaching out, if he or she get used to it they’ll stop making an effort because they know you will.

2. Don’t Play Games

Be direct and say what you mean and mean what you say. Prepare your mind and be ready to treat you partner well.

Communicating well is the key to successful relationships, the best things to do is never stop flirting back, own your insecurities or work on your ego.

If you’re suspicious of your partner past dishonesty, indicate and discuss it.

3. Not Communicating Your Expectations

New love comes with lot of joy. You fall in love, and before you know it, you’re enjoying the process. Most people have experienced it.

After awhile, remember to talk about your standards and for what you expect from a partner. Clarifying those expectations will help avoid unnecessary conflicts in the relationship.

4. Being Overly Jealous

Most importantly, acting like a private investigator and snooping through a partner text messages or showing up at a location uninvited can run a risk of crossing boundaries and angering a partner.

It’s okay to lose yourself in someone you love life for a while but if you do it too often your partner will feel you’re possessive and kind of controlling.

5. Don’t Ignore Yourself

Treating yourself with respect will set a well example of how your partner should treat you. Have a pleasing personality and offer yourself with love.

In the new relationship, don’t be quick to give up those things that make you happy. For example, when he offers impromptu date invitation but you’ve movie night with friends, ask him or her to make it a different day.

6. Being Dishonest

If you want your new relationship to last for a long time, you need to be honest with your partner from the start. As a matter of fact, honesty is the very foundation of a good relationship. If you start a new relationship based on lies, your relationship will likely fall apart because it was built on lies. If you want your relationship to work, you need to be able to tell your partner the truth and be willing to be vulnerable around him.

7. Ignoring The Red Flags

No love partner is perfect in every way. Discovering a partner’s bad behaviors, problematic habits, or questionable beliefs can help signifies what you will and will not tolerate.
The risk of overlooking all of their negative qualities in a hope that they will change over time can create a toxic relationship journey.

If you notice they’ve traits that will be difficult to align with or perhaps cause conflict there’s a high chance the relationship won’t last. You could also seek for healthier communication about those behavior.

8. Don’t Reveal Too Much

On this chapter, talking about the real, what you love etc. to your new love is all welcoming but don’t share too much. Why ? because you might say something they don’t find good enough which may threaten the love feelings. Plus, staying mysterious is attractive.

New relationships, has a root, allow it to grow and over time they will get to know every other detials about you.

9. Don’t Pretend

Acting and presenting yourself like someone you’re not is big NO and it should be avoided.

Relationships are built on trust so it’s best to be yourself and stay real, is either your potential boyfriend / girlfriend will love to stay or maybe move on.

10. Don’t Rush Things

While you’ll are compatibility and share common interests, it’s also important to allow some flexibility. Take a minute to get to know each other during occasions or dates.

Be willing to show interest in what your partner love but don’t treat the relationship like you’re FBI.

Keep these tips in mind and your new  relationship will be healthier and enjoyable.

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