15 Ways To Stay Healthy and Happy

how to live healthy and happy life

To live and feel healthy plays a major role in our life.

Healthy living can be maintained with the small things we do daily.

Learn on how to maintain you and your family health lifestyle :

No.1 Practice exercise

Daily exercising of the body can help boost your health. You should practice yoga, meditation, jogging or just take a walk. Start with something small and simple you enjoy doing. This will help you feel good about yourself

No.2 Get enough sleep

Ever heard the body need to get at least 8 hours sleep? Sometimes we are so busy with life needs that we do not get the right hours to rest our body as it deserves.

In that case you should sleep more during your free or off days, the body rewards you with what you give it.

No.3. Laugh more

A good laugh is a light in the heart and heals a lot of ache, laughter can improve your physical and mental health, watch more funny videos or movies.

A day with smile or good laughter helps you feel relax and pampered.

No.4 Read  books

Get yourself a book that motivates you, reading takes your mind off a lot of negative things happening in life.

Truly, it feels good to read ! You acquire knowledge and feel refreshed.

No.5 Go on vacation

You need this !

Taking a break from work or school during holidays can improve our health lifestyle as well.

Visit new places ,connect with new friends, practice and learn new cultures. Believe me you will love it.

No.6 Drink more water

how to be healthy and happy
Like other health tips, just drink enough water that is right for you. The idea is to replace sugary drinks with more water as this flushes out toxin from the body.

After brushing the teeth in the morning, take a glass of water, it helps in digestion, boost energy and enhance the skin health

No. 7 Eat more veggies

Make it a habit to include veggies to your meal. Most veggies are rich in vitamins, fiber and other essential minerals which makes it perfect healthy for the body.

You should do more salads and enjoy them, look out for this very one Best Tasty Salad Recipes

No. 8 Take the stair

The body organ works better when we move it. Avoid the harmful habit of always using the elevator.

To maintain a physical healthy life, do more of climbing the stairs.

No. 9 Help someone in need

I feel overjoyed when I do a favor for someone in need and he or she says ‘ thank you so much ‘ It may sound counter-intuitive, but it makes me feel so much better.

Help someone in need without any expectation in return. The best feeling in the world is seeing someone smile because of you.

No. 10 Do fruit smoothie / juice

To have a healthy life, include fruits to your diet habits, a simple way to stay happy and healthy.

You will love this idea, check out the list of healthy yet tasty smoothie recipes  Smoothie Recipes You Should Try

No. 11 Do things you love

Another good factor to include is to do activities you personally enjoy, that’s the only way you feel good about yourself.

Whether it’s, hiking, biking, painting, baking, writing or planting..  just do it !

No. 12 Eat good foods

Sugary or junk foods should be much avoided. Eat real foods which are rich in healthy fiber, proteins, carbs etc.
Preferably, they should be foods you make from you kitchen. They perform better for your health.

No.13 Drink lemon tea

Tea made with a drop of lemon contains vitamin C which helps keep you feel energized, boost immune system, lower the and help flushes out toxins.

No. 14 Have a positive lifestyle

Do away your fears and learn to a have a refreshing mindset everyday. A negative energy makes you feel drained and helpless.

Will you love to overcome fear ? check this very article out  Common Fear – Easy Way To Overcome It

15. Spend a minute with nature

what are the ways to be healthy and happy

Nature is beautiful, improves creativity and gives a refreshing mood. A minute or more spend viewing the garden, trees and clouds can be fulfilling.

To sum up, take note of the Wellness tips and start with the one you enjoy most.

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